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Know what this is? (See photos below)
If you're a horn player then chances are you've seen one or at least heard of it from a friend, colleague or teacher. It's a block that sits, hole-side-down, on the bearing plate and evenly distributes the force when you tap it with a hammer to re-attach the bearing plate to the rotor casing after you've taken your valve(s) apart for cleaning, maintenance, etc.
Ever looked online to buy one? I have, and only found it for sale on Osmun Music's website. The problem was that it was only sold as part of a kit that costs around $40. All I wanted was this little block-thingy (Osmun refers to it as a "valve-knocker"). So I set out to make (ahem) my own. I found a 4-foot-long section of 1"-diameter pine at Home Depot, which was exactly what I was looking for (in diameter, at least - the length was an added bonus). Then I commissioned my father-in-law, who has both wood-working tools and experience, to cut the 4-foot rod into 2" sections, drill the β…œ"-diameter by ΒΌ" deep hole in one end of each, stain them, and give them a few coats of polyurethane for added shine and luster. I now have 24 "valve-knockers", 23 of which I will attempt to sell since I'm sure I'm not the only horn player who's ever wanted to buy JUST this little block. So why am I posting this story here? I am considering trying to sell them here, of course! So stay tuned as I do some research into selling physical goods through Squarespace.

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Merry Christmas!

I know, I know, my first blog post introducing my digital sheet music store is long overdue, but I'm afraid you're going to have to wait a little longer for that.

Right now I would like to let you know about my first Christmas song for sale: my own barbershop arrangement of Jingle Bells for horn quartet! It's perfect for Christmas parties or just caroling with your favorite horn quartet. It's simple, but fun, and even gives the 4th horn a chance to show off those low-to-mid-range arpeggios! In traditional barbershop style the 2nd horn (singing the part of 2nd tenor) sings "lead" throughout this arrangement. ("Lead" is vocal-speak for the part that has the melody.) So download a copy and let me know what you think. And if you get a chance to use it in performance, see if you can record it and then let me know. I'd love to see and hear your performance. You can even upload it to YouTube! Just be sure to give me proper credit, of course!


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